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The Hidden Gem: Torreon Park

The Hidden Gem: Torreon Park

About The Park

Torreon Park is one of the best parks because of its sheer beauty. It is an “oasis” in the desert of Santa Fe. The park features thick grass, towering trees, and kid-friendly playgrounds. There are also hidden treasures among the plants: artful wooden gates of the private residences.

Torreon Park is located at 1515 W Alameda St. From the road, this park doesn’t look like much. However, shaped like a long rectangle, the park spans over 3 acres. Torreon Park is well-loved. The lack of trash and individual gardens prove that this park is cared for by its neighbors

At the park entrance, there is a stunning pillar of art. This pillar shows scenes of the park’s history and emphasizes the feeling of community in the neighborhood.

A walking trail circles the park and is handicap-accessible via a ramp at the entrance to the park.

Pack a picnic lunch or check out Piccolino nearby and enjoy the shaded picnic tables and benches.

Torreon Park Entrance
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The Playgrounds

There are two playgrounds, one designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5, and another for 5-to-12-year old’s. Each one features a purple wavy climbing wall made from various-sized holes. Each playset also has slides and stairs.

There is a balance beam feature on the older children’s playground. Thick ropes make a spider web-style climbing structure that gives kids a fun challenge. Three slides shoot off from the playground and give your kids a chance to race.

Several shade umbrellas placed over the woodchips  next to the play equipment provide shade for a fold out chair or picnic blanket.

A basketball court sits just beyond a set of picnic benches. From there, a long multipurpose field stretches until the desert begins again at the end of the park.

Torreon Park Small Playground
Torreon Park Large Playground

Picnic Tables and Benches

Throughout the park, there are individual picnic tables and several sets of three picnic tables grouped together, perfect for small parties.

Each of the playgrounds has benches surrounding it with plenty of shade from trees.

Torreon Park Landscaping
Torreon Park Picnic Table
Torreon Park Walking Path (6)


A single handicap-accessible porta-potty sits in the parking lot.

Plan Your Visit

Torreon Park is located at 1515 W Alameda St. 

Images From the Park



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