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Best Park For Young Kids: SWAN Park

Best Park For Young Kids: SWAN Park

About The Park

SWAN Park boasts a large green space, a paved walking trail that outlines the entire park, a trailhead, a baseball field, basketball courts, and a playground.

If your children enjoy airplanes and helicopters, there is a good chance they will see some during your visit.  Planes and helicopters often fly over the park as it is under a mile from Santa Fe-La Cienega Regional Airport.

Ample free parking with multiple handicap-accessible parking spots make this park ideal for large groups and events. The entire parking lot is dedicated to the park alone.

Swan Park Green Space
  • Landscaped Green Space
  • Free parking
  • Shaded playground for kids ages 2-5
  • Shaded playground for kids ages 5-12
  • Shaded Picnic Tables
  • Walking Trail
  • Trail Head
  • Handicap-Accessible
  • Baseball Field
  • Basketball Court

The Playground

The equipment has an adorable forest theme with climbing areas of “trees” and “mushrooms.” Hidden plaster animals in the structure are an excellent surprise for your child as they explore the play area!  There are two playground structures. One rated for 2 through5-year-olds, the second for 5 through 12-year-olds. Overhead awnings shade both play structures.

The playground is fenced except for occasional gaps marked by decorative openings that provide extra climbing space for older kids (I don’t know if that was the intention, though.)


SWAN Playground
Forest Animals SWAN Park

There are two individual swings, one traditional baby swing and a green seat swing (no seat belt or strap.) Nearby is a swing modeled after a tire swing that allows multiple kids to enjoy swinging at once.

The large sandbox area has two play excavators and a permanent sensory table fixture.


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SWAN Park Pavilion

Lush landscaping gives the park plenty of shade and helps keep it cool during sunny days.

Fenced basketball courts are located next to the playground area and pavilion.

Picnic Tables and Benches

A centralized pavilion shelters three picnic tables while another four picnic tables are spread out across the green space and playground.

Benches line the sidewalks surrounding the green space and playground. Large concrete planters make for comfortable seated viewing of the basketball courts.

Benches at SWAN park
Restrooms SWAN Park


There are two handicap (and double stroller) accessible porta-potties between the baseball field and green space, discreetly hidden by  large metal dividers.

Swan Park Santa Fe NM

Southwest Area Node Regional Park (SWAN) is located just off the Jaguar Exit on Highway 599.

SWAN Park Map

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