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how to make your own website

Do you like our website?

Are you a small business looking to grow your customer base? A website has been shown to be key to attracting customers in todays consumer economy. It’s also vital to be able to reach customers digitally with the uncertainty of COVID restrictions.

Or maybe you’re interested in starting your own blog?

Paying web designers and managers is EXPENSIVE!

To avoid paying out money I really don’t have, I independently host and manage Santa Fe With Kids through Using allows me to retain greater profits, be in control of my content, and customize it any way I like.



The first thing to do when getting your website is to buy your domain and hosting. Web hosting is basically the service provided by businesses that run and maintain the physical servers all your websites’ data lives on. SiteGround is the company I use to host my website. I originally used Hostgator but found it clunky with my Divi theme.

Elegant Themes (where I bought my theme)  recommended switching to SiteGround to speed up the website and I’m so glad I did. According to Google, you can lose 50% of customers if your site doesn’t load within 2 seconds! With the amount of pictures and videos I upload to my website, I need a fast host! Not only that, they are affordable and have great customer support!

SiteGround Logo


Elegant Themes: Divi and Extra

Once you have hosting you need to decided on a theme. Originally I used a free theme. DISASTER! It was so difficult for me as a beginner to even just change simple things like headers. Lesson quickly learned, I purchased Divi from Elegant Themes.

I use the Divi’s Extra theme for Santa Fe With Kids to ensure I have the best looking website I can and can still control every change myself. It’s great for beginners and has unmatched customer support 24 hours 7days a week. Elegant Themes, the creator company of Divi, has a whole library of ready-made layout you can drop your own content into. They make it so much easier to make a website!

 Instead of paying a web designer a minimum of $10,000 to design my website, I paid a one-time fee of just over $200 for a lifetime membership and made my own.



One of the key ways I make my website look crisp and visually pleasing is by using Canva. Canva is a very simple graphic design tool that has both a free and paid version. They have stock photos you can use when you’re starting up! It’s so easy to use! There is no need for hours long trainings to make your products or graphics! All of my social media posts, pictures, and buttons were created using this program.

Canva Icon

If you’re building your website, I hope you find these programs helpful!

If you need any more tips, I’m always happy to answer what I can so please feel free to reach out at