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Best All-Inclusive Park: Salvador Perez Park

Best All-Inclusive Park: Salvador Perez Park

About The Park

Salvador Perez Park is an expansive park, 16.22 acres, with multiple sports fields, a fully-fenced and gated playground, a second playground, and a real retired train engine! This park is great for the whole family.

There are 2 baseball fields, a sand volleyball court, 4 tennis courts, and a full-sized turf soccer/football field for intramurals and club sports. The sports fields are equipped with lighting for night games. There are two parking lots, one paved, one unpaved that are shared by the surrounding businesses so parking can be limited during events. 

A beautifully landscaped paved walking path winds its way around each of the fields and the playgrounds. Benches line the sidewalks surrounding the green space and playground.

Salvador Perez Baseball Mural
  • Walking Trail
  • Soccer/Football Field
  • Handicap-Accessible
  • 2 Baseball Fields
  • Sand Volleyball

The Playgrounds

A playground designed for younger children is located beside the paved parking lot of the Salvador Perez Recreational Complex is . This playground features recycled plastic equipment with a definite “chutes and ladders” feel. The playground is fully enclosed by a three-foot fence with four closing gates, one on each side. 

There are plenty of opportunities for climbing for younger children as the playground has many different shaped ladders and bars. If your child enjoys slides, there are a total of five slides: a double slide, a fully-enclosed slide, a twister slide, a roller slide, and a single traditional slide. Five baby swings and a handicap-accessible swing, complete with a locking safety guard, make this a great park for kids who enjoy swinging.

Several shade umbrellas next to the play equipment provide shade for a fold out chair or picnic blanket.

There is a second play structure when you walk on the path to the right of the first playground, past the train engine. This structure is designed with older kids in mind with high climbing bars, a ring puzzles, and zip lines. 

Salvador Perez Park Playground
Salvador Perez Playground
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Picnic Tables and Benches

Four covered picnic tables are spread throughout the park. The larger playground has two uncovered picnic tables and two benches

Shaded benches line the walkways. A cluster of trees between the Volleyball pit and the Football field make for an ideal place to sit in the shade as you walk around the park. 

Salvador Perez Playground Picnic Tables


Lush landscaping gives the park plenty of shade and helps keep it cool during sunny days. Next to the playground is real train engine — a true treat for kids (of all ages.) 

Salvador Perez Park Train Engine


There are handicap-accessible porta-potties setup in each of the parking lots. 

Salvador Perez Restrooms

Plan Your Visit

Salvador Perez Park is located in the heart of Santa Fe at the corner of St. Francis Dr. and Alta Vista St.



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